Friday, July 23, 2010

Seattle's Best

It took 9 hours on two flights yesterday, but we made it safely to Seattle. The first thing we noticed here is the weather - it has been in the high 60s since we got here, which is an incredible relief compared to humid 100 degree days we've been getting back in D.C.

We checked into our hotel, and made our way downtown to Serious Pie for some delicious Seattle pizza. Walking home, we got our first real view of Seattle:

After a well-deserved night of rest, we woke up to take in the sights (and tastes!) of Seattle. Our first stop? Starbucks...but not just any Starbucks - the first Starbucks ever.

Can you guess why they changed the logo?

We then made our way down to the famous Pike Place Market, full of fresh fish, produce, art, and general quirkiness. It fits right in to Seattle's local feel.

So vintage.

After you pick out the fish you want, they throw it back to the counter to be weighed and wrapped.
Truly an incredible feat of man vs. nature.

Lobster tails the size of your forearm.

The produce was just as fresh as the fish, and way more colorful.

Don't worry - Adam kept a safe distance.

Lunch at Pike Place Chowder:
A heaping shrimp salad sandwich and a bowl of their famous
Manhattan clam chowder.

We made a quick stop at the Army/Navy Surplus store for some last-minute camping gear, then hit the Experience Music Project, an interactive rock-and-roll museum.

A towering installation in the middle of the museum.

We got to learn all about Seattle's rich musical history, from early blues to grunge to hip hop (Sir Mix-A-Lot is a Seattle native!). There was an exhibit on the history of the electric guitar, a display of costumes worn by The Supremes (thank you, Mary Wilson!), and a huge wing devoted to the life (and guitars) of Seattle's own Jimi Hendrix.

We spent the evening catching up with our friend Sam over dinner and drinks - great company, great food, and a great ending to a wonderful day in Seattle. Tomorrow morning we head down to Mt. Rainier for some outdoor adventures. Stay tuned!
On the road again!


  1. Rock lobster (tails)! That is all. Safe travels, kids.

  2. Awesome pictures and fun usual !
    Enjoy the trip and "keep us posted"...:)

  3. Thanks a lot guys. I looked at the seafood market and ate my computer screen.* I can only imagine how that noble king salmon must have looked/tasted in the flesh.

    *do not eat a mac.