Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Bird's Eye View of Wine Country

A serious view of Napa, California

Between Sonoma County and Napa County, Northern California produces some of the greatest wines in the country. Tomorrow we're planning on seeing the wineries and vineyards in Napa, but today, we decided to see ALL of Napa.

We took the advice of our friend Bryan, a Northern Cali native, and drove through 15 miles of winding Napa roads (it took almost an hour!) to get to Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. We weren't sure which trail to take, so we went with the Table Rock Trail. We didn't know what to expect, but we decided to press on to see exactly what a "Table Rock" is. After a couple of miles of uphill hiking, we saw a huge rock formation situated on a cliff overlooking the entire Napa Valley.

We sat up on those rocks for hours taking it all in.

Trees around here are just enormous. We don't quite know why, but it's pretty awesome.

A view of the Napa Valley that most people don't get to see.

On the hike back down, we found the biggest pine cone either of us have ever seen.

With the incredible view, the warm sun, and the cool breeze, it was difficult to pull ourselves off the rocks to hike back down to the car, but we eventually did. We stopped at Big John's Market to pick up a delicious dinner along with a bottle of local (and we mean VERY local) wine.

We're relaxing in our room, and looking forward to tasting some more wine tomorrow!

Post-hike winery happiness!


  1. WOW! Beautiful view! Hope you get to the Sterling Winery--great tour & good wine. Remember: Swish and spit (hahaha)

  2. Promise me you'll stop at Ad Hoc, and start taking pictures of the danged food!

  3. If you guys have the time, stop of at Franzia. A box of their 6-week Vintage will change your life!