Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to Wyoming (Bienvenido a Wyoming)!

Well, we've officially started our "...and back again" portion of the trip.

After a few relaxing days in San Francisco (a special thanks to Mike and the boys for showing us such a great time!), we continued our California visit with a trip up to Napa to check out the wineries and the beautiful views.

Vineyards in Napa

The delicious grapes of wrath


Following that, it was north until the Redwoods! We arrived shortly after sunset, and quickly set up camp, played some Scrabble, and got a good night's sleep. It was cool, crisp, and we were shaded by some of the tallest trees we've ever seen. It was so comfortable that we had no problem sleeping til 11am yesterday - a far cry from desert camping!

Our little tent

Emily had to lie on the ground to get this picture. Adam has photographic evidence.

That's a big stinkin' tree.


Our next stop after the Redwoods was a little town called Ferndale, California. It is the former agricultural center of Northern California, and is (more or less) one main street lined with beautiful historic Victorian houses and stores.

Mmm... meat.

This is one tree, carefully manicured. Ferndale is very artsy-fartsy.

After a tasty lunch in Ferndale, we started heading east for the first time in 3 weeks. It was a strange feeling, indeed! We drove until we couldn't drive anymore, and ended up sleeping in Battle Mountain, Nevada last night. Today we drove through Nevada, Idaho, and finally ended up in Wyoming. Whyoming? Why not?


  1. "What country do you want to go to?"
    (from "Dog Day Afternoon")
    The redwoods are so awesome! So is your blog--we are loving it.

  2. Hey... missed following your blog for a few Pittsburgh with the grandkids...
    I am having soo much fun reading all about your trip. Yes...San Francisco is COLD in the summer!Continue having fun and stay safe!