Friday, July 10, 2009

The edge of the America

Wednesday morning, Jared woke us up as he was leaving for work (waking up at 8:30 was harder than either of us remembered)! We said our goodbyes, and got on our way to San Francisco. We opted to drive the Pacific Coast Highway, which takes a few extra hours, but it worth it for the incredible views.

The drive was very windy, very mountainous, winding, and generally awesome, except for the stretch where we almost ran out of gas (Thank you, Big Sur Shell!).

We stopped for dinner in Monterey, a little shore city filled with art galleries, shops and restaurants. We did some souvenir shopping, and walked down the wharf looking for a place to eat. All the restaurants on the wharf offer free samples of their clam chowder as you walk by, so after trying a few, we decided on Abolonetti's for some seafood and antipasto (for the record, neither of us ordered the clam chowder, anyway).

We made it to Emily's friend Mike's house in San Francisco Wednesday night, and after some catching up, headed to sleep. We've spent the last few days in San Francisco, and are truly enjoying it here. Very mild weather, great people, delicious food, and beautiful views.

View of downtown from Dolores Park

Some brightly colored Victorian houses in San Francisco

The Bay Bridge

It's always hoodie weather, here!

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  1. WOW! Vicariously enjoying your trip via your blog--love it!