Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're going to Graceland, Graceland... Memphis, Tennessee..

We woke up refreshed this morning (despite the fact that it's 100 degrees in Memphis!) and headed down to "the birthplace of Rock and Roll," Sun Studio. In 1950, local Memphis radio DJ named Sam Phillips decided he wanted to open a small recording studio to record his favorite music, the Blues.
Sam's motto was "We Record Anything, Anywhere, Anytime". He even put out ads in the local paper to get musicians to come record:
Soon after the studio opened, a number of well known musicians began to come through, and it was at Sun Studio that the first Rock and Roll song was recorded - "Rocket 88". It was only a few years later that an 18-year old Elvis Presley walked through the doors to record a few songs, "just to hear what he sounded like on record." That little recording led to Sun Studio becoming the epicenter of rockabilly, blues and Rock and Roll for years to come.
This is an actual mic used by Elvis!

After learning all about Elvis' beginnings, we headed over to Graceland!
The Holy Grail of Elvisdom
This is Elvis' living room - note the bust of Elvis on the coffee table.  

This is the kitchen, where all the peanut butter-and-bacon magic happened.

When Elvis learned that Richard Nixon had three TV's to watch all three network news broadcasts,
well... Elvis thought that was a mighty fine idea.

Elvis imported thousands of yards of fabric to completely cover his pool room, top to bottom.

"The Jungle Room" - Elvis liked it because it reminded him of Hawaii... 
Especially the green shag carpet on the floor and ceiling.

There's a reason why they called him "The King" 

Elvis' personal racquetball court has been turned into a trophy room (one of many!)

Elvis fans continue to send gifts and flowers to this day. There are people at Graceland 
responsible for going through these gifts and placing them on Elvis' grave.

Rockin' and Rollin' our way across the country! 

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  1. Wow! Elvis's house was really neat. I especially like the pool room covered in fabric. Did he have carpet in his kitchen? Also, did he enjoy peanut butter and banana sandwiches regularly?