Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Hampshuh!

The view of Lake Winnipesaukee from Stonybrook Farm

We woke up this morning knowing we had a full day to get to Acadia National Park. Originally we were going to spend the day at the beach, but we decided to take a scenic trip to Lake Winnipesaukee instead. We didn't know much about the area, aside from the fact that it was the setting for "What About Bob?"... but that was more than enough reason for us to stop by! We drove the perimeter of the lake, making stops along the way that looked cool.

"Hey! This looks cool!"

"Hey! This looks cool, too!"

We spotted a sign for blueberry picking, and a quick five minute detour led us up to Stonybrook Farm, where we encountered the ripest, most delicious blueberries either of us had ever tasted.

Blueberry heaven.

Looks like someone's pretty excited about blueberry picking...

The blueberries were huge!

Superberries. So good!

Adam paid double for our blueberries, because he felt bad about the pound of blueberries he ate when no one was watching.

The fruits of our labor (pun fully intended).

Rather than heading back to the highway, we decided to explore northern New Hampshire and check out the White Mountain National Forest.

That fog made for a very interesting drive down the mountain.

We took a little discovery hike and were treated to some great views.

Absolutely breathtaking.

As the sun started to set and the temperature dipped down to the mid-60's (i.e. extremely pleasant), we bid farewell to New Hampshire (for now), and made our way into Maine. We had heard about this crazy restaurant in Portland, ME that serves french fries fried in duck fat. Yes, duck fat. It makes for a lighter, crispier, fluffier, deliciouser fry. And what is this wonderful restaurant called? What else? Duckfat!


The churros were also fried in duck fat... it's like they broke into my dream journal.

Tomorrow we make our way into Acadia National Park for a few days of camping, hiking, and lobsters! We'll be back soon with more adventures!

In memory of our dinner last night.

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