Monday, August 2, 2010

San Francisco: The City That Knows How!

After taking in all that Napa has to offer, we made one final stop at Big John's Market and headed to our final destination - San Francisco. We returned the car (goodbye red Prius, you've treated us well!) and decided to walk back to our friend Mike's place where we're staying. It didn't take long for us to remember that we were back in San Francisco - the fog was rolling in (or out?) and the temperature dropped down to the low 60's. There was a chill to the air walking back, but compared to the 90+ degree days we've been getting back in D.C., this was a welcome feeling.

Our first day in San Francisco, Mike and Rahul took us across the Golden Gate Bridge to visit one of their favorite spots - Mt. Tamalpais. We drove up the mountain and took a little hike to a great spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but rather than water, we just saw the clouds over the ocean.

It was like the view from a plane window.

When we headed up the mountain it was overcast, but we literally drove through the clouds.

"It looks like Heaven!"

We then spent a few hours hanging out at Stinson Beach - it was nice to be by the water again. Since then, we've been taking in all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of San Francisco - walking miles everyday, and seeing as much of the city as we can. Today we spent the afternoon in one of our favorite San Francisco places - Dolores Park, right by Mission Dolores. The view of downtown is unbelievable.

Despite the fog and clouds covering the city, Dolores Park is always sunny.



  1. Emily,
    Christina Aguilera called. She wants her glasses back.