Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm glad we turned left at Albuquerque!

We woke up this morning in El Paso, which is not only right next to Mexico, but right next to NEW Mexico, as well. We don't know what any of you have heard about New Mexico, but we can assure you - it's awesome. We first stopped at a little local burger joint called "Ruby Tuesday," then made our way over to the White Sands National Monument (click for more info).

It looks like tropical paradise, but there was no beach in sight...

A sand lizard

Some sort of desert yucca

- - - - -
<-- Adam Emily------>

Needless to say, White Sands was incredible. It was dead silent, the sand felt like the finest beach sand, and it seemed like there was no one around for miles. We took the scenic loop through the park, and pulled off many times to take pictures and play in the sand (Adam bought a sand-sled! It's more difficult than I thought it would be, but I swear I got better).

The winds started kicking up late in the afternoon, and the sand-blasting we received told us it was time to leave. We made our way up towards Albuquerque, drove through a cool rainshower, and stopped to see a volcanic rock-field.

We didn't realize it was volcanic rock until we heard a 7 year-old girl singing "I'm standing on laaa-vaaa, I'm standing on laaa-vaaa!"

I have no clue what this is, but I think it blooms into a Truffula Tree

The drive through New Mexico has been breathtaking. The endless views, the colorful rocks and mountains, and the bizarre plants have all made for a very beautiful drive. Then there was the sunset...

That's a nice car...

The biggest rainbow either of us has ever seen

Oh snaparoonie.

We arrived in Albuquerque, checked into our hotel, and proceeded to continue our local restaurant tour with a visit to Albuquerque's own "Applebee's". They served Fat Tire beer, which is only available west of the Mississippi's somethin' special.

Seriously, though... New Mexico? It's fantastic.


  1. Wow! What an insane trip! My husband and I went across the country, but we did it in less than three days or we would have killed each other in the car for so long! lol.

  2. wow, love your new mexico photos!!! and the video was great. i hope adam's skillz improved over time. though i'm not one to talk, i've never attempted (or heard of) sand-boarding. :)

  3. Hey...this is awesome...we definitely will follow your steps in a few years. By the are standing next to an agave in the process of blooming...sorry no Dr. Seuss...but I am sure that is where he got his inspiration.
    We are vicariously enjoying your trip!!!!! Care to teach us some sand-boarding?
    Stay safe and have fun!

  4. Soffrin--Super blog! N Mexico pix (there's a NEW Mexico?) outstanding. You know Fonda and I did this last summer. We'll have to compare notes.

    Jeff Lowe (Matt's Dad)

  5. It is unbelievably beautiful! I'm so glad you love the desert.